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Acacia crop

H Litter 2008  Atiya x Bukuru


Grass Green

This is our debut silly puppy video!  It is a little shaky in sections but with a little time and practice I think I can improve that.    


Grass Green is the star of this show and gives us a good demonstration of his sure fire mechanical sucking technique.  


One thing is for certain, you don't become the biggest puppy by sleeping all day!

The Sucking Machine

Saturday July  19 was moving day for the pups.  They left the confines of the living room and were introduced to the new play pen area in the sun room.  


This video will not win any awards that's for sure!  But the pups are curious and active and really into exploring their new space.  The floor is a little slippery  and the ramp into the whelping box requires a bit of effort but all in all I think they like it.



The New Play Pen


The Whole Gang

H Litter 2008  Atiya x Bukuru

This is a video of a play session between the dominant male in our 2008  litter and his mother (Atiya).  Zaro is just shy of 10 weeks old at the time.


The video demonstrates just how rough a 10 week old RIdgeback puppy can play!  During the wrestling our little "tough guy" realizes that he is no match for Atiya's sharp teeth and intelligently decides not to escalate the situation further.  


This type of rough play is the reason that baby Ridgebacks are problematic for young children.  This is exactly how puppies find out where they stand in the pack and young children can easily and quickly be overrun by a puppy's enthusiasm and strength.  


"Little Big Man"


Zarro and Atiya

H Litter 2008  Atiya x Bukuru