van de Eyssel Hoeve

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            A true powerhouse of muscle, drive, and athletic prowess, Bokya is a beautiful Ridgeback.  She has a sturdy frame and a more masculine look about her.  Standing at 66 cm at the shoulder and weighing in at 42 kg she is at the top of the standard.  She has the physical attributes of her famous father N'Gai Zamu of Ginba's Hero and when she runs full out she is poetry in motion.  Stunning!

     Her character is dominated by a very feminine sensitivity.  She is confident and has a very positive relaxed demeanor.  She is aloof and distant to strangers and will never try to dominate the centre of attention in a room full of people.  Bokya has a very keen sense of time and routine and will become agitated if not fed on time!  She never demands attention but will wait until I have a quiet moment to come over and sit with me.   She just knows when the time is right.

     She shines when she is out in the forest or fields and can run and jump and play at her leisure.  Bokya is heavy on her feet and sometimes when she runs up behind me in the forest the ground thunders like a horse is bearing down on me.  When she passes by, she flings dirt and sand up in my face and I sometimes think she does it on purpose! She prefers to lay around in the warm dirt instead of a cozy bed, likes to be outside instead of indoors and is not allergic to rain or cold like most Ridgebacks!  She is not a natural hunter and if something does happen to pop out in front of her the pursuit is only half hearted.  

     Bokya's is loyal, sweet, a watch dog, a playmate and the type of Rhodesian Ridgeback that everyone wants to have.  We love her.