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              Atiya is a confident, robust and highly intelligent Rhodesian Ridgeback.  She is friendly , curious,  extroverted, expressive and has a true "love" of all children.  She wants to come on every outing regardless of how mundane the task and will "shadow" your every move to effect such an outcome.  She is unimaginably stubborn and defiant and can test the limits of your resolve to oppose her will.   Yet, she can effortlessly change tactics if she senses a stalemate, loves to have center stage when guest are over and is completely indifferent to any imposed rules of conduct.  A true prima-donna!

     Rhodesian Ridgebacks are sent hounds and Atiya is in her element when she can set her nose to the ground and head out into the forest.  Flushing small animals out of the underbrush is a true delight.  Long distance is her forte and she has a smooth and

efficient trot that she employs to cover distance at speed.  She keeps some reserve for a fast chase if need be, or to tackle Bokya to the ground if the opportunity arises, but that is never her priority.

Atiya's radar is always pointing to the clouds and she guards her air space rigorously.  Any hot air balloon or fast moving cloud passing overhead is suspect and needs immediate attention.  She has even plucked a few low flying birds out of the air!

     Ridgeback eyes convey a human sensibility that helps explain the connection that people have with this breed.  A regal air that we are their subjects and not the other way around, trading in  agreeable cooperation instead of a willingness to please.   This is the essence of the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Atiya is true to type.  A complex companion that is loyal and loving and who never fails to engage us.   Elegant, poised, intense and determined she is always ready for anything.....unless she doesn't  feels like it!